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one life with one dream on repeat

And it just so happens we fit together great.

You are the number 1 twitterer with 48 million followers.

Katy Perry @ Music Station , TOKYO // 1-11-2013

the family jewels ♥


Katy Perry Alphabet  A-Adorable


I think I’m in love with mamrie <3

"Unconditionally" - Katy Perry
Left ear: official album track
Right ear: live on X Factor (x)

You may fall in love when you meet her…

here's my tumblr where I will be tumblring. I am a KatyCat and a Diamond. I spend my life watching Grace Helbig, Brittani Taylor, Bethany Mota, Colleen Ballinger, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, Phil Lester, Dan Howell and many other youtubers. I will be Phil's or Dan's wife, so love me.

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